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Tuition fees still driving UK students to overseas universities: British Council

Over a third of UK students are interested in studying abroad, new British Council research has found.

Studying at undergraduate level overseas has become particularly popular, with half of those considering a university course in another country wishing to study at that level - compared with 35 per cent a year ago.

49 per cent of students who were interested in overseas study said that the cost of UK university tuition played a role in their interest. When the same question was asked in 2014, 57 per cent stated it had.

The Broadening Horizons 2015 research based on a survey of almost 3,000 UK students found that, overall, 34 per cent of all respondents to the survey said they were interested in some form of overseas study. The research was launched at the British Council's annual Going Global conference for leaders of international education, on June 2nd in London.


Sponsorship in education

In many parts of the world, sponsorship is becoming an increasingly important aspect of education nowadays, whether used as a means of helping to turn around underperforming schools, providing marketers with a potent vehicle for improving the image of their brand - or simply paying for the training of a firm's employees.

The purpose of this site is to briefly review and describe the various roles played by this rapidly growing modern phenomenon in supporting both the education of individuals and the running of educational establishments; and also where possible to offer advice to those seeking sponsorship to pay for their studies.

Our main focus is on the UK; but we also report - via news stories and Twitter - on key developments in different parts of the world.

Education sponsorship is a powerful force. It builds a positive reputation for the sponsor whilst helping - directly or indirectly - to transform the lives of its recipients. In this sense the sponsorship relationship is of mutual benefit.

But sponsorship comes in many guises ... so in this website we seek to highlight not just the way it is used but also, through our news columns, how its application in the field of education is growing and spreading, across the world, day by day.

education sponsorship

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