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sponsorship letter
Sponsorship letter

With the options of using email and telephone calls to approach sponsors, the idea of writing a letter may not be as appealing as those two more 'instant' means of communication.

But hard copy details of your sponsorship requirements have the key advantage of being a tangible reminder of your request - hopefully your sponsorship letter will sit on the potential sponsor's desk along with any additional information you've sent as back-up to your proposal. 'On-desk visibility' can be very valuable.  

There's no need to beg! And there's certainly no need for the letter to be over-complicated.

This first approach should be simple and straightforward - apply the tried and tested "K.I.S.S." method ("Keep It Simple, Stupid!"). At this stage your objective is that your letter should gain the sponsor's attention and provide them with basic information about your request for sponsorship.

So your sponsorship letter should cover the key facts: the course or qualification that you intend to pursue and what that will mean for you. If there is the possibility that your sponsor might consider employing you at the end of the course - and that is something you'd want - make that point very clearly in what you write.

First impressions count: do try to make sure that the letter is properly presented. Remember: others may well be contacting the same individual requesting sponsorship.

A simple, straightforward, well-presented sponsorship letter is very likely to make your request stand out from the crowd.

sponsorship letter



If your spelling isn't a strong point, be sure to use your word processor's spellchecker; try to use good quality paper and ensure that the layout of the letter is neat and tidy; and also personalise your letter where possible - address it to a single individual, if you can, and sign it.

We have produced a sponsorship letter template that you may find helpful.

We would advise that you use this sponsorship letter 'template' as a basis for your own sponsorship letter rather than simply filling in the gaps. But if necessary it should be more than adequate as it stands as a shortcut means of allowing you to quickly send off multiple applications to a range of potential sponsors.

To download our sponsorship letter template, click

here for Word format, and

here for the letter in pdf format.

Of course the most important sponsorship letter may turn out to be the reply that you receive - the one that tells you that your request for education sponsorship has been successful!

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